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COOOP Engineering global expertise and unique understanding of design for behaviour has created projects that not only respect the cultures and regions where they live but also enrich the quality of participation and experience of all its users.

Discover DHA Head Office through these images. The collection showcases the building's distinctive curved roof, harmonizing with a lush green tree in the foreground. The road with a yellow and black stripe guides you toward the entrance, and a low-angle view emphasizes the architectural grandeur of the office building.


Within the realm of commercial and mixed-use developments, our engineering solutions foster dynamic, adaptable spaces. We optimize infrastructure, energy efficiency, and technology integration to support businesses and communities. Our designs create thriving economic hubs that prioritize user comfort, productivity, and sustainability.

Explore the Information Technology University (ITU) Pakistan through these images. The collection features a building with cars parked in front of it, showcasing a harmonious blend of modern architecture and urban activity. The building is distinguished by its glass windows, large window, and prominent yellow lines and stripes, emphasizing its contemporary design and unique features.


Our engineering approach to educational and institutional spaces emphasizes innovation and adaptability. We optimize infrastructure for learning, research, and public services. Our designs facilitate collaboration, safety, and accessibility, enhancing the educational experience and fostering institutional excellence.

Discover the 75 Bed - Nishat Khanum Hospital in these images. The building, surrounded by trees and cars parked in front, presents a vital medical facility in a serene environment. Notable for its many windows, the structure ensures ample natural light. In one shot, a white car traverses the road adjacent to the hospital, symbolizing access and modernity.


In healthcare engineering, we understand that patient outcomes depend on well-designed facilities. Our solutions enhance healthcare delivery by optimizing infrastructure, ensuring patient privacy, and integrating cutting-edge technologies. We create environments where both patients and healthcare professionals feel confident, supported, and cared for.

Explore Al Madina Al Zarqa- Amphitheatre Hotel, UAE, through these images. The hotel is characterized by its architectural elegance, featuring a glass front and large windows that invite ample natural light. The glass wall offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area, while the cloudy sky serves as a picturesque backdrop. A close-up shot highlights the thoughtfully placed green plants within the interior. Design for Behaviour emphasizes the comfort and well-being of guests through these elements.


Our international engineering projects transcend borders, blending local context with global expertise. We adapt to diverse cultures, regulations, and climates, delivering solutions that address unique regional challenges. Our international ventures prioritize cross-cultural collaboration and sustainable practices, promoting global harmony and progress.

Discover ARKADIANS Towers through these images. A stunning group of tall buildings adorned with lights creates a mesmerizing cityscape. The buildings are characterized by their many windows, which reflect a vibrant urban life. A close-up shot accentuates the architectural details. The road, flanked by a palm tree and a building, adds to the dynamic ambiance. All elements in these images are thoughtfully designed with 'Design for Behaviour,' emphasizing the comfort and well-being of residents and visitors alike.


Our engineering expertise in residential projects centers on shaping living spaces that cater to modern lifestyles. We ensure homes are equipped with efficient systems that maximize comfort, safety, and sustainability. Our designs create environments where families and individuals can thrive, fostering a sense of belonging and well-being.

Experience the RED LINE transport urban infrastructure line through these images. A bustling bus station surrounded by cars and buildings provides a hub for urban commuters. A high-angle view showcases the station's functionality and accessibility. A unique feature is the building with a walkway over it, enhancing pedestrian convenience.

Aerial views of the city and an unconventional train on the road highlight modern urban planning. The presence of a palm tree adds a touch of greenery to the urban landscape. Further high-angle views of the bus station and a road with a building and grass reinforce the infrastructure's thoughtful 'Design for Behaviour,' prioritizing seamless transportation and city living.


In the realm of urban mass transit, our engineering solutions prioritize efficient, accessible, and sustainable transportation systems. We focus on creating seamless journeys that enhance the daily lives of commuters and reduce environmental impact. Our innovations promote connectivity, safety, and comfort within the bustling urban landscape.

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