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COOOP Architecture's global expertise and unique understanding of design for behaviour has created projects that not only respect the cultures and regions where they live but also enrich the quality of participation and experience of all its users.

ARY Laguna: A COOOP Architects Masterpiece in Architecture and Master Planning. Explore an urban oasis where COOOP Architects have meticulously designed the cityscape. The skyline, arranged with precision, complements the meandering river, connected by an elegant bridge. Amid lush greenery and clear blue skies, this image encapsulates urban serenity


Our master planning expertise revolves around creating holistic communities that prioritize the well-being of residents. We meticulously design spaces that promote social interaction, sustainability, and accessibility. Our approach incorporates green spaces, efficient infrastructure, and amenities that enhance daily life.

Explore Exquisite Hotel Architecture & Building Design. This image showcases a stunning glass building surrounded by lush greenery, creating an inviting ambiance. The bright blue sky with fluffy clouds adds to the charm. Parked cars lend a realistic touch. The glass walls allow natural light, casting a beautiful reflection. The towering structure exudes grandeur and beauty, making it ideal for image caption datasets.


In the realm of hospitality, we excel at crafting immersive experiences through human-centric design. Our projects aim to provide guests with more than just accommodations; they offer an emotional connection. We emphasize comfort, cultural sensitivity, and personalized service, ensuring visitors feel welcomed and at ease.

Experience the elegance of Orient Hilton 5 Star Hotel's dining room in these images. An inviting table and chairs, a close-up of a stylish chair, and a dazzling chandelier are showcased. Additionally, there are images of tables set with plates, glasses, and a beautifully arranged dinner party table setting. These visuals capture the hotel's luxurious and welcoming atmosphere.


Residential spaces are not just structures; they are homes. We specialize in creating living environments that align with diverse lifestyles, considering functionality, aesthetics, and emotional resonance. Our designs foster harmony and individuality within the intimate setting of a home.

These images capture the expansive Packages Mall environment. The vast parking lot surrounded by trees, a dome-topped building, and an aerial view of the city present a complete picture of the mall's surroundings. Additionally, various shots show the interplay between the parking area, large buildings, and lush trees, highlighting the mall's spacious and accessible setting


Our retail designs go beyond aesthetics; they prioritize customer experience. We employ human-centric strategies to optimize layouts, lighting, and circulation, enhancing the shopping journey. Our spaces engage all the senses, creating memorable encounters that drive customer loyalty.

These images showcase the New Marina Resort, featuring a striking circular structure in the middle of the ocean. Additional views highlight a group of buildings nestled on the water, set against a backdrop of a partly cloudy sky. The central focus is the large, mesmerizing circular structure surrounded by serene waters.


Recreational spaces are where people unwind and connect. Our designs encourage physical activity, relaxation, and social interaction. We create versatile environments, balancing aesthetics with functionality, ensuring visitors find both motivation and tranquility in these spaces.

Experience the modernity of Public Health Valiant Clinic through these images. The focus is on a building with striking glass walls that reflect the surrounding environment, offering an inviting and open atmosphere. Additionally, there are images of the lush greenery surrounding the facility, adding a touch of nature to the urban setting, all set against a serene blue sky with clouds.


We approach public health architecture with compassion. Our designs prioritize patient comfort, staff efficiency, and accessibility. We optimize layouts and incorporate soothing elements to create healing environments that reduce stress and promote well-being.

Discover Pindi Mall through these images. The mall is characterized by its modern architecture, featuring a building with numerous windows that flood the interior with natural light. The exterior is adorned with vibrant signs that add to the mall's dynamic appeal. In one image, a group of people gathers outside the mall, creating a bustling atmosphere in front of this commercial hub.


Our mixed-use developments embrace urban living, offering convenience and community. By harmonizing work, leisure, and living spaces, we foster vibrant, walkable neighborhoods. Our designs prioritize accessibility, public spaces, and the coexistence of diverse functions.

Explore the Standard Bank Playroom through these images. The room is designed for collaboration and learning, featuring chairs and a whiteboard for interactive discussions. You'll find images of neatly arranged chairs, a colorful chair adding vibrancy, whiteboards on a stand for educational activities, and a group of chairs on a wooden floor, offering a comfortable setting for various activities. The close-up of the ceiling highlights the room's design details


We believe educational spaces are the foundation of growth. Our designs support positive learning experiences by emphasizing natural light, flexible layouts, and collaborative zones. We create inspiring environments where students, educators, and researchers thrive.

These images provide a glimpse of Nestle Offices, focusing on architectural details and interior elements. You'll find close-ups of the building's design, a plant adding greenery, and a captivating view of a light fixture. A staircase with metal railings adds to the interior's aesthetics, while various close-up shots capture unique design elements, including a wire, staircase, and a glass wall with distinctive white square accents.


Workplaces influence productivity and culture. Our corporate architecture designs prioritize employee well-being, innovation, and success. We create dynamic, functional offices that inspire creativity, support diverse work styles, and reinforce a company's unique identity.

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