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COOOP Design Studio is an award-winning design collective of Architects, Interior Architects, Engineers and  Service Providers under the creative and technical direction of Callie van der Merwe, Marcus Wilkins and Ahsan Siddiqui. 


Design for Behaviour

We apply human behavioural knowledge to design and curate highly successful social spaces within the built environment.

We have done so for almost 35 years and in this time we have learned a tremendous amount about how people behave naturally and intuitively within social environments like restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars.


With over 490 of these successful venues under our belt and years of research and observation into the qualities that make spaces successful, we are confident that we can create optimum spaces for the best human experiences and the best possible outcome for our clients.

Experience the Forest V Penthouse through these images. A room with a cozy bed and a lush green rug offers a tranquil retreat. The images highlight the soothing presence of greenery with a close-up and a blurred image of a plant, contributing to the ambiance. The carefully designed space, featuring a bed and a green rug, embodies 'Design for Behaviour,' ensuring comfort and relaxation in every detail.


The core team members of COOOP. 

COOOP in Time


EA Consulting Pvt Ltd. New Era

EA Consulting acquires  new leadership under the director of Ahsan Siddiqui.


Design Partnership Founded - South Africa

Design Partnership is founded in South Africa focusing on Architecture, Interior Architecture with a focus on human centric design in social spaces.


We follow the standard RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) and AACA (Architects Accreditation Council of Australia) stages adjusted to client preference. In a nutshell they involve the following:

COOOP - Services Brief Development

Brief Development

We assist in formulating a design brief by taking all touch points into consideration, understanding that we are designing for your customers. We take into account our human behavioural principals and consider things that limit the brief but can potentially fuel design ambitions.

COOOP - Services Design Concept

Design Concept

In alignment with the brief and business drivers, a design direction is articulated for implementation combining best practice solutions from both in and outside category. This is achieved through various iterations of visually curated pieces that best tells a story of your brand within the physical space.

COOOP - Services Implementation


Applying the design concept into the built environment we take into consideration the emotional and sensorial aspect of an interior space that will best articulate the design brief. This is achieved through technical construction documentation, bespoke joinery drawings unique FF&E schedules and intelligent value engineering.

Join Our Team

If you are interested in joining our team, view the career opportunities currently available.  

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